CPBA-AP Eligibility

This certification is designed for professionals with a substantial amount of experience in ABA as it relates to individuals diagnosed with ASD.  Experience may include direct implementation, supervision, training, education, or research.

Experience Requirements

10,000 hours (approximately 5 years full-time) experience in ABA with a concentration in autism. A minimum of 8,000 experience hours must be accumulated after obtaining a master’s degree.

  • Of the 10,000 required hours,
    • at least 8,000 hours must include providing supervision, training, or education to others working with individuals diagnosed with ASD. Hours must consist of any or a combination of:
      • Conducting and supervising applied research
      • Direct training (i.e., clinical or academic settings)
      • Clinical supervision
    • the remaining 2,000 hours can include any of the options listed above and/or:
      • Providing direct intervention for individuals diagnosed with ASD
      • Conducting applied research

Total Experience Hours

Experience Hour Requirements



Education Requirements

  •  Master’s or doctoral degree in one of the following areas: 
    • Applied Behavior Analysis
    • Behavior Analysis
    • Applied Behavioral Science
    • Behavior Modification*
    • Psychology*
    • Behavioral Psychology *
    • Education*
    • Special Education*
    • Social Work*
    • Speech & Language Pathology*
    • Experimental Analysis of Behavior*
    • Health Services Research*
    • Marriage Family Therapy *
    • Child Development*
    • Historical or international equivalent degrees are accepted

*Non-ABA master’s or doctoral degrees also need a minimum of 12 credit hours focused on ABA content from an educational institution accredited by a Council for Higher Education recognized organization.

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